September 01, 2013

Drawspace Lesson F14: How to draw a Medieval spoon

Hi all,

We're taking Lesson F14 of a Drawspace art program today and we're going medieval this time. We're drawing a medieval spoon. Just a spoon this time, not the whole set. Since this lesson is all about drawing, almost no explanations, but visuals, all is left to do is sit and draw.

This is the first step - the basic drawing. I did a large oval, two smaller ones and a handle.

This is the second step - the outlining of the spoon.

This is the third step - the hatch shading. I tried to do the shading a bit different that the one in the lesson, but it was not such a good idea.

So since I didn't really like the outcome (am I becoming a perfectionist?) I decided to give it another try. It's looks so much better now, don't you think?

The process here was a bit different - I decided to draw a central guiding line that would go from one spoon edge to another. And it really made my life easier. I had a core I could build my item around and keep it proportional.

As for the challenge - this is my model and this is my drawing.

This is not exactly a real medieval spoon but a modern wood-carved-based-on, but I loved it and really enjoyed drawing it.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and learned something important.

Have a great day,