September 06, 2013

Drawspace lesson F15 - How to draw a furry creature

Hi all!

This post is another milestone of the Drawspace lessons - it's a last lesson of section F. And it is a fun one! The subject is a furry doll that lives in Ms. Hoddinott house - a Wooly made of wool!

The task is to practice hatching, drawing straight lines without a ruler and just enjoy the exercise. And that's exactly what I'm going to do, because I love cartoon characters and furry dolls.

This is the Wooly. It was a really fun project and I loved every minute of it.

I had some difficulties with the hair hatching but I absolutely loved doing the eyes! And I think they came out wonderfully and very much alive :)

The challenge here is to draw another different Wooly - different features, fur etc. In other words - it's a chance get creative!

So there he is - a different Wooly.
It took me some time to decide what kind of Wooly I wanted it to be. I knew right away about its form so the difficult part was the fur itself. At one point I looked at it and really wanted to redo it but after scanning and seeing it on the screen - I fell in love. So cute!

As a conclusion to section F I must admit that I got addicted to using different H pencils. All of my sketches, no exceptions, start now with pencil 2H or lower. How did I not use them before I don't know. But now all my sketches are way cleaner than before.


Tip of the post: Always use a 2H or lower pencil for your first draft.

I you also had fun doing this lesson, because I sure did.

Have a great day,