September 10, 2013

Drawspace lesson G03: shading spheres 1

Hello all!

Today we'll be doing lesson G03 of a Drawspace art program. This time we'll be drawing a nose of a cartoon character. The sketch itself is very simple - three spheres that indicate a nose and its nostrils, two eyes and a mouth. The main emphasis is on the shading. After all, that's what this section is all about.

Les's begin.

First I did one large and two small circles. I used a 2H pencil so I could easily erase lines I don't like.

This is the outlined of the form - I used a HB pencil first and only then I erased all the helping lines.

This is the shading sketch. Pencils suggested are HB to 4B, starting with the nose and then with the nostrils. But first I lightly outlined the circle for the highlight to be left white. Also I made some guiding lines to keep my circle direction correct - that was a lovely tip from lesson F08.

Despite the HB pencil suggestion I started shading with a 2H, just in case.

That's the result.

Since I made some mistakes while shading, so I decided to redo it. And because there's no challenge - let it be the one.

I can't really tell now weather the second try is better then the first, but the practice was definitely worth it. They are both not as smooth as I'd want them to be so I guess I have to keep on practicing.

Tip of the post: In one of the lessons Ms. Hoddinott, the author of the program, talked about the natural hand movement while drawing and shading. Remember that this not just one direction. So do change it when needed. Sometimes it's from the upper left don, sometimes its from right to left. It all depends on the form you're working with. And, by the way, don't afraid to use the un-natural hand movement: the more you use it, the more "natural" it will become.

I loved this lesson, did you? Share your thought in comments.

Have a great day,