September 22, 2013

Drawspace lesson H04: How to draw eye lashes

Hi all,

We continue with section H and today's lesson is H04. This is a very short lesson, it only shoes how to draw Eyelashes. As a matter of fact I didn't really want to do a whole post just for the eyelashes; it seemed to me it would be too much for such a minor subject. But as I sketched I've realized how little did I know about human, or my own, eyes. I don't use mascara (or any other makeup) so I never really got any attention to what's going on in my eyes. Through this lesson, however, I learned better about its structure and what should be considered while drawing.
Beside the sketch given in the lesson itself I decided to do some more eyes and here they are.

It was pretty easy to draw - the shape is simple, only few things to consider while drawing:
1. Eyelashes grow from the outer line of the eyelid.
2. There is a triangle in the inner corner of an eye.
3. Never forget to create a highlight of the Iris.
4. First draw a highlight and then the Iris itself; you'll avoid unnecessary erasing inside the little circle.

This is it. I hope you enjoyed this one, I know I have.

Have a great day,