September 26, 2013

Drawspace lesson H06: How to draw from a Manikin

Hi all.

The following faze is another milestone in my development as an illustrator. Today I will be working on lesson H06 of a Drawspace art program and the subject is Manikin drawing, aka the drawing of a human body. I actually bought a manikin several years ago but I never really got to draw it. Today is the day.

There will be three sketches of a wooden manikin turning into a real boy human - one for an exercise and two for the challenge. So lucky I have the time to do that, as it's not gonna be a simple task.

Let's begin.

There are four stages for this sketch. First - the mapping of the figure. Second - the shaping of the figure. Third - the refining of the sketch. Forth - turning the wooden, mechanically drawn figure into a human one. Since there are so many steps in this drawing I decided to post only the final sketch of each step.

And here they are.
As suggested, I started out with a 2H pencil. First I created a framing rectangle and only then I began to draw.

Step one - 5 minutes!

Step 2 - another 10 minutes!

Step 3 - ten minutes!

And that's the final outline.

The challenge is to draw two more figures in different poses and since I like the challenge I will be using a real manikin and not from the two additional pictures given in the lesson.

And it was hell of a challenge!!!

You can see than none of my two sketches are really finished!!! That's because I simply didn't know at all how I should do the fourth step! Of course it was easy just to copy from the ready-made step-by-step chewed-and-spat sketch but at this point I just couldn't do it myself!
In the first sketch I did go as far as step 3 but in the second I hardly made it through step 2!!!

The conclusion was to leave this as is at this point but to get back to it sometimes later.

For the record, there's an amazing collection of photographs made especially for human body drawing sessions. Enjoy it.

I hope you were more successful than I am with drawing from a manikin.

Have a great day,