September 30, 2013

Developing creativity: the 30 circles exercise

Hi all,

Some time ago I decided to look for some Creativity lectures on TED and I came upon this cool lecture presented by Mr. Tim Brown. He talked about several interesting subjects and I strongly urge you to listen to it, it is both funny and inspiring. But what really caught my attention was the 30 circles exercise he presented on min. 10:00. The idea is to fill 30 pre-made circles with anything in a limited time span. The reason for the time limit is to make the sketches intuitive; not to think about the sketch, just sketch.

So I decided to try this exercise myself and that's what I came up with:

I set up the timer for one minute and started the exercise. After a while I've realize that I've been drawing more than a minute ad looked at the watch. Apparently, I only thought that the timer was set. After setting the timer I managed to do only 4 sketches. So basically I filled the top three rows of the list. The rest of them are sketched by my spouse who decided to join the effort :)

I think I will make it a monthly routine, just for the fun of it. The cool thing is that you can do this exercise everywhere - as long as you have some paper and a writing tool, you're good to go.

Then if you want to try this exercise yourself you can download this 30 circles page you see below that I created and have some fun with it (I have no idea why is it so grey...). I myself already printed out several copies of it since I plan to do the exercise on a regular basis.

Have a great day,