September 14, 2013

Drawspace lesson G05 and G06: introduction to pencil shading

Hi all.

Today we'll be working on Lesson G05 of a Drawspace art program. This one is actually really weird, since the purpose of this lesson it to "introduce a beginner to several aspects of shading, from preparing and holding a pencil to creating and blending the shading". The question is, shouldn't it be at the very beginning of the very first shading section? Not necessarily section G? Maybe a little bit earlier?

Anyways, the exercise is to do some shading on two different kinds of paper and see how the paper affects a final shading. The top row shading was done on a simple printer paper (that's the paper I use at this point). Two bottom rows were done on a softer and thicker paper.

There's a slight difference, but maybe the paper was not different enough...

That's it. That's the lesson.

I allowed myself to skip lesson G06; it deals with graded shading and since I've been doing it for months now I decided not to bother you and me with this one.

Section H here I come!

See you soon,