September 20, 2013

Drawspace lesson H02: How to draw a human hand

Hi all.

Today I'll be working on a killer subject: a human hand. With Lesson H-02 I will learn how to proportionally draw one of the most expressive parts of a human body, which is also considered to be the most difficult body part to draw.

A human hand had always been something of special in the world of art. In his painting "Charles IV and his family" Francisco Goya charged the king also by counting the hands shown in the painting. Burne Hogarth dedicated a whole book to hand drawing (yes, I've read it). And a hand of Michelangelo's David says it all.

In the past I tried to draw hands, but without much success. So you can only imagine how exited ad scared I am now.

I was surprised how easily it went. It took me about 10 minutes to create a sketch and 10 minutes more to erase and outline. I know that it looks schematic, but at least it's the best hand I ever did!

The challenge of the lesson was to draw my own hand, which I happily did.

It came out nice, I think. I also think I should re-read the Burne Hogarth book again.

Have a great day,