September 24, 2013

Drawspace lesson H05: How to draw a cartoon character with Princess Leia's hair

Hi all,

I'm not kidding. Princess Leia was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw the Kim character in Lesson H05. Because Kim's hair looks jist like Princess Leia's! The task in this lesson is to learn how to proportionally draw a head and how to draw hair with proper highlight. The lesson is pretty simple; you just sit and draw, using previously acquired skills.

As always, I first outlined the basic features, mapping some helping lines and dots. If I'm not mistaken, the bottom part of the head gets divided by three, so the ears go on the upper third.

This is the sketch.

Easily done, but did you notice? It seems I over enlarged the sketch and the left bun didn't fit in (yeah, I know, I could tell that's the scanner's fault...)

I really wanted to do something for the challenge so I did this sketch of Princess Leia's face.

I didn't really look for any facial resemblance, but I did try to remember and keep the proportions right: head divided in two; bottom half divided in three, eyes are exactly on the middle line, eye is the fifth of the line's length. Nose's wings are in the center of irises; bottom lip is on the bottom line of the face. Ears are in between the first and the third lines. I think. And the famous Buns, of course :).

It took me some time to complete the sketch, but I loved doing it. It was a real challenge, indeed! The weirdest thing happened in the morning. I left the sketch on my desk and this is where I found it the next day. Princess Leia was staring at me. Like one of the Futurama's heads in jars. Creepy...

Have a nice day,