September 16, 2013

Drawspace lesson H01: How to proportionally draw an adult face

Hello all!

It's a new post and a new Drawspace section: today we do Lesson H-01! Not only is the section new but also is a subject: we'll how to draw a human face!

The lesson is divided in two sections - the theory (but you still get to draw) and the practice (although there's a lot of theory).

The first part of the lesson is simple: you examine the given sketches of skulls and faces, 4 types of each (see illustration in the original lesson). Then you choose one of each and put them together. Then you create a face. The most important thing to remember is that eyes come in the exact middle of the human head. And I think the height of the head includes a hair line.

The exercise is to draw two heads using different types of skulls and faces. I decided to do some smaller scaled sketches. To do so I divided my paper in two and mapped some horizontal guiding lines. Also I added some guiding dots to mark the edges of the heads.

Then I created two head shapes and added some facial features.
What can I say - it was a difficult task. Before I added any hair both faces looked like police sketch of some serial killers!!!

This is the final result and I am pleased.

On the other hand there's so much that I don't like about this work but I try not to be too critical about it. These faces look almost proportional and nearly human. Something that looks much better that the first portrait I did in this program.

The second part of the lesson gives a very detailed explanation to wherever each facial part should be placed. It is really detailed so it must be hard to fail there. I'll try my best to do the sketch properly.

This is the sketch.

I decided not to bother you with the details of it, I'll just say that the outcome is not an exact copy of the on in the lesson. I guess that somehow made the face wider/shorter. But it's still proportional, so I don't mind.

To challenge myself I decided to draw a new self portrait.
Here's the result.

This is the outlined version. I didn't erase any of the helping lines and dots; there was no reason for this.

I'm not sure that the drawing necessarily looks like the original, but I'm happy that I could at least keep an almost proper proportion. I did the nose twice since at first it seemed to sit too high and was wider than it is. Also the chin should be a bit shorter, but I'll live with that.

Funny thing, but the most difficult part in this lesson was to divide the eye line into 5 equal sections. And since I gave up using a ruler it took me some time.

This is a great lesson and it's definitely the one to repeat in the future! Even if I'm not necessarily going to draw human faces in the future but who know what I will. I am convinced that these skills will be of necessity in the future so I must acquire them.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Have a great day,