September 08, 2013

Drawspace lesson G02: How to draw a three dimensional sphere using shading

Hi all.

Today I start working on a new Drawspace section, taking its G02 lesson. For some reason there's no lesson G01. Although I suspect that is because lesson G02 is combined of two parts. In part one you practice and in part two you actually draw. But what do you draw with? That is another question.

It seems that section G introduces another aspect of drawing. When one draws, one usually uses a white paper. Here the author introduces the method of drawing on a dark background using erasers (!!!). You erase the unnecessary part to bring the object out. Sounds complicated? Maybe. Let's see.

The tools in use are some soft pencils, tissue paper and two different erases - vinyl and kneaded. I am actually familiar with the concept of drawing on dark paper with white pencils but not with this method I'll be practicing now.

But enough talking, let's begin. The first exercise says to create a square, shade it with a softest pencil, smooth it with a tissue paper and then start erasing some of its areas.

My softest pencil is 8B so I'll be working with it.

Since I wanted my surface to be super smooth I filled my drawing area gradually. First I did a very light shading, no pressure at all, shading with a side of the pencil.

After that I gave it another coat, occasionally turning the pencil in my hand to make the best usage of the graphite. I also tried to keep my strokes a different size so that they blend well together.

Then I sharpened my pencils and gave it another coat.

And, lastly, the tissue blending stage.

So it happened that the blending stage was done several days after the previous one so this might be the reason the surface is not super smooth.

Now it's time to start working with erasers.
I tried first using a vinyl eraser, but since it didn't work - I took a kneaded one and tried to work with it.

And this is the result.

And I say that I don't like it. It's either I still don't know how to properly work with a kneaded eraser, which is possible. Mine is too soft to make such a strong white lines. Second, it might be, after all, that the graphite dust simply wore off after these 3 days when I laid down a last pencil coat. Because my outcome is soooooo much different from the one in the original lesson!

This is the challenge, 20 minutes of work. It's one shading coat of 8B pencil and kneaded eraser.

Not good. Don't like it!

Actually, I didn't like anything in this method beside the idea itself and the square shading. I hated the kneaded eraser; it was too soft and too unpredictable for me. So I guess no, I won't be working in this method at least not outside the program.

I hope you liked this lesson more than I did.

Wishing you a great day,